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One of the key defining elements of the great game of golf is that every golfer is expected to rigorously apply the rules; in effect to referee yourself to the best of your ability and knowledge. It is a unique situation in the world of sport that players at every level regularly call penalties on themselves and report their own score.

The recent media frenzy over a certain Patrick Reed’s controversial “ conduct “ is an encouraging reminder of just how important the game’s values are to all participants.
They say the game of golf mirrors the game of life.Certainly many of the key values and skills displayed by regular golfers are also so important to their lives in general.

1) Being Honest

In golf, you are your own rules official. You learn the rules early and thereafter you are fully expected to follow them whenever you play.

2) Respect

Etiquette is very important in golf. By playing this amazing sport you learn how to not only respect yourself but others and the golf course.Through your behaviour you will also generate the respect of your fellow competitors and understand the true meaning of sportsmanship.

3) Patience

Golf teaches you to have patience; a great virtue in life itself. You don’t score well by getting ahead of yourself. You have to be patient and simply execute “ one shot at a time “.

4) Accept the Uncontrollable

Hitting what you believe to be a fantastic shot, only to discover your ball has taken some bizarre kick into a fairway bunker or water hazard. It happens.We all have to learn to accept anything that is simply out of our control.

5) Problem Solving

At first reading this may sound strange, but just think about it. Trying to manipulate your ball around the course on a windy day or perhaps the course is heavily bunkered; demanding a careful strategy to avoid them.

6) Communication

Golf requires us to interact with others. At club level many of the competitions are organised on a ballot basis.There is a need or at least expectation that you engage with others in your group.It’s a fundamental life skill to be able to communicate effectively with anyone in any situation.

7) Creating and Maintaining Focus

Golf demands an extreme level of mental and emotional concentration for the full 18 holes. Focussing on your personal goals or keeping your attention on the task at hand is a very positive skill to possess.

8) Quiet

Quiet may seem like a strange life skill but it can be very useful. It creates a certain respect toward the people around you and greatly assists with the level of concentration required to play golf well.

9) Never stop Learning

Golf never fails to teach us that there is always room for improvement.No matter what you are doing in life, you can always be better.You can continue to work and grow to become the best version of yourself.

10) Quality v Quantity

Practice in golf is undoubtedly very important.Recognising the difference though between quality and quantity of your practice is even more important.
From the beginning, it was drilled into me that a golf course was a place where character fully reveals itself…… both its strengths and its flaws. As a result, I learned early not only to fix my ball marks but also to congratulate an opponent on a good shot, avoid walking ahead of a player preparing to shoot, remain perfectly still when someone else was playing and a score of other small courtesies that revealed, in my father’s mind, one’s abiding respect for the game”                                   Arnold Palmer





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