Golf Courses (& History of the Game )

With approximately 32,000 courses in 206 countries across six of the continents and with around 60 million participants Golf is without doubt a truly global sport

But golf really has only one true home……..Scotland!

For any keen student of this great game, experiencing a classic Scottish golf vacation is an enduring ambition. Boasting 578 courses for a population around 5.3 million, we have one of the highest “courses to people“ ratios of any country. While the origins of Golf in Scotland can be traced back to the mid 15th century, the oldest known course in the country – and the world – can be found on the east coast of The Kingdom of Fife in the university town of St Andrews.

In addition to being the location of the world famous Old Course the town is also widely recognised as golf’s spiritual and administrative home with the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (The R & A) being the ruling authority for the game worldwide; together with the USGA in America.The iconic R & A clubhouse is located directly behind the first tee on the Old Course; an intimidating sight for all golfers regardless of ability.With such a vast selection of courses spread across the country, anyone booking their Scottish golfing break with us can decide to experience everything from classic sweeping seaside links to inland beauties and island gems.

Browse recommended courses in:

Aberdeen and Angus
East Lothian
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