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At KARD & BROWN we are passionate about creating and delivering a fantastic selection of bespoke, luxury Scottish Golf Tours ; providing our guests with the opportunity to challenge themselves on some of the best courses in the world, relax in a selection of premium accommodation and be captivated by the history and spectacular scenery of this great country.

Of course there are many reasons why more than 15 million people choose to visit Scotland each year.

As well as being The Home of Golf, we also have a proud reputation as the home of hospitality.

We love nothing more than showing off all that is great about our country to everyone making the effort to come here.

Nowhere is this friendly and accommodating approach better demonstrated than on the courses and in the clubhouses of the country’s golf clubs.

KARD & BROWN has been created with the express purpose of making a very positive impact on the Scottish golf economy, our guests, our employees and our business partners

The business will be driven by these simple and straightforward principles

  • We want to be able to support local and national businesses whenever possible
  • We want to create enjoyable and rewarding work opportunities for anyone who shares our passion for genuine customer service
  • We want to support the next generation of sports people by allocating funds to sponsor junior coaching programmes and outstanding individuals
  • We will work hard and we will work smartly, having fun creating great experiences for great people
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